LOCAL.ONE LOCAL.ONE card pins for various industries, such as: tyre retail, sports, fashion and food

Strong for local trade

On LOCAL.ONE, you'll find the best merchants and businesses near you.

Preview of the LOCAL.ONE application
LOCAL.ONE map pin of the flower industry LOCAL.ONE Fashion industry map pin LOCAL.ONE map pin for the petrol station industry
Three LOCAL.ONE map pins for the fashion, food and flower industry.

More than an online search engine

Can't find the right company quickly on Google, Bing, and others?
Endless search results, but a quick overview of the desired information is missing?

Do you feel the same way?
Unfortunately, we often do too – services, contact inquiries, or possible discount promotions have to be looked up directly with the companies. But even here, the information is often not consolidated in one place.

Where can I see what services are offered, and is there a contact form?
Why are websites often not up-to-date in content?
In social networks, daily promotions and discounts are often maintained, but unfortunately, few companies take the effort to update or store this data on their own websites.

We provide you with all this information and contact options on LOCAL.ONE. Find daily promotions, discounts, and all important services and offerings of the best companies at a glance.

Would you like to get in touch directly with the company?
No problem at all. Use the integrated contact form for this, and your inquiry will be forwarded directly to the company.
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How it works

Easy operation, quickly to the goal. Whether on the web or as an app.

On LOCAL.ONE, you will find the best merchants and businesses in your vicinity.

Using practical filtering options such as by
industries, services, or brands, you'll receive precise search results.

LOCAL.ONE is not just a map. With the browser search via the map or through our apps, we will display verified businesses to you.
Whether it's a car dealership, flower shop, hairdresser, tire dealer, workshops, or gas stations.

Each business has been personally visited and verified by us. Therefore, LOCAL.ONE stands for genuine and customer-oriented data.

Join us in looking forward to steady growth of participating businesses and new features. Strengthen local trade with us.
Step 1 on phone: Industry
Step 1

Search & Filter

To quickly find the right company, you can freely decide whether to use the advanced search function or the extensive filtering options. The matching companies will be displayed to you immediately and updated based on your selection.

Step 1 on laptop: Industry
Step 2

Service Filters & Brands

According to the selected industry, you can easily filter by predefined services. If the right service is not listed here, you can use the search function of the filters.

Here you can also search for additional services and brands.

Step 2: Services & Brands
Step 3

The result

Matching your selected settings, you will now receive an overview of the listed companies in your region. Once you have made changes to the filters or search terms, the results list will be automatically updated.

Here, you can already see if a merchant is open and offering an active discount.

Step 3: Results
Step 4

The business card

You can find all the important information about the selected retailer on their digital business card. Contact the company directly or visit the retailer's own website. There you will find details of the products and services on offer.

Use the digital business card for a quick overview.

Step 3: Microsite
Step 5

Direct route

Discover the function that shows you a direct route from your own location to the selected business on the map. The route is automatically updated based on your dealer selection. This will take you to your destination quickly and easily. The distance to the company is also displayed.

Would you like to customize your own location?

That is also very easy. Simply drag the green pin to the desired location. Or adjust it manually in the field for your own location.

Step 5: Microsite
Step 6: The retailer website
Step 6

The retailer website

Find the most important information at a glance. Everything you want to know about the company can be found here. Services, products, daily discounts or pictures of the company.

Do you have a question or would you like to make an appointment on site?

Then you can use the contact options on the retailer page directly and make an appointment or send a non-binding service and product inquiry.

Step 7

Daily discounts

Receive individual and daily updated discounts. All listed companies have the option of setting up individual discounts in the system. These are displayed on the company's merchant page.

The company's card pin already indicates whether the company is offering a current discount.

Step 7: Daily discounts

Do you prefer searching with the app rather than the browser?

Install LOCAL.ONE for free.
Get the free LOCAL.ONE app for your iPhone or Android smartphone now and start with just a few clicks. Here, you will find information on all businesses and all daily discounts.

Become a retailer

The small difference

Together with our LOCAL.ONE employees, you create your own company profile.
This includes photos and a description of your company.

You define services, brands and your individual discounts. The data you enter is then used to create your own retailer website.
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We recommend that you accept all cookies. However, if you want to make individual settings, you can find the Google reCAPTCHA cookie in the "Functional" section of the settings.